RHC Kids


We’re honored you’ve decided to visit Redemption Hill Church with your family!

Things to Know:

  • All of our volunteers go through an extensive screening process to adhere to Ministry Safe standards including sexual abuse training, background checks, references, and an interview to best safeguard our kids while in our care.
  • Check in for our kids classrooms opens at 9:45 and closes at 10:15 to ensure kids and volunteer safety.
  • If a month has 5 Sundays, the 5th Sunday will be a family worship service. All kids classrooms will be closed for those services.
  • Kids classrooms may close on occasion due to volunteer numbers. We will always post at the kids desk if a classroom needs to be closed.*
  • If you’d like to volunteer on our kids team, please reach out to Carrie Wilkey: Carrie@redemptionhillfw.org

RHC Kids Offers 3 Classrooms:

Nursery: 6-23 Months old
Preschool: 2-4 Years old
Elementary: 5-12 Years old

Preschool and elementary classrooms follow the Gospel Project curriculum.

*Room in each classroom is limited based on safe volunteer/child ratios

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